Wolverine Stringer Bead Wheels



Wolverine Stringer Bead Wheels are manufactured using similar product construction and to the same exacting standards as other Weiler weld cleaning brushes; they have been engineered for cost effective use in less demanding applications.

Item # Brand Item Dia. Arbor Hole Fill Dia. Fill Matl. Face Width Trim Length # of Knots Max RPM Keyway Thickness at Face Plate Std. Pack Twist Style Item Description
36218Wolverine Stringer Bead Wheels4"5/8"-11 UNC0.020SteelNarrow20,0005Stringer Bead

Wolverine Stringer Bead Wheel 4" Knot Wire Wheel, Stringer Bead Twist, .020" Steel Fill, 5/8"-11 UNC Nut

36219Wolverine Stringer Bead Wheel4"5/8"-11 UNC0.020StainlessNarrow20,0005Stringer Bead

Wolverine Stringer Bead Wheel, Stringer Bead Twist, .020" Stainless Steel Wire, 5/8"-11 UNC Nut