Save Money with the Right Cutting Wheel

When choosing the right cutting wheel, take the time to evaluate the application needs and the cost impact on the overall welding operation

Companies can save money in a pipe welding operation in many ways. Cutting consumable (cutting and grinding wheel) costs is often the primary target. But it is easy to overlook the hidden costs that are the result of inefficiencies in the process. From reducing downtime to improving productivity, operators are realizing in many cases that buying higher-priced, high-performance cutting and grinding wheels ultimately provides the lowest overall cost of use.
Selecting the proper cutting wheel for the job — and following best practices for its use — can lower costs by reducing the amount of filler metal needed to produce a quality weld, decreasing rework and prolonging the effective cutting life of the wheel. Plus, it can minimize labor and downtime for wheel changeover. There are numerous cutting wheel options available. Consider these key factors to gain the best results and a better bottom line.  Read on at the>>

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