Application Capabilities


We are the Application Experts.

If you have an application problem we can get you help FAST! Call Weiler's toll-free Application Hot line at (888) 299-APPS or use our Application Assistance Form!

Our Application Engineers are available 8:30am to 5pm EST, Monday - Friday. Our Engineers will recommend a process or the best product to solve your problem at the lowest possible end-use cost.

No Problem is too Complex! If your problem is too complex to be handled over the phone, we will arrange for an Application Engineer to do an in-depth study of your surface conditioning methods at your site, Free of Charge!

Applications Lab Uses CNC Machining Center for Solutions

With the increase of in-machine deburring, our applications laboratory is equipped with a Hurco VSX-40 vertical machining center in order to perform technical viability analysis on customer parts. This is a free service offered by Weiler and has proven to be a valuable source of cost and time savings to our customers.

The Hurco permits recommendations concerning speeds, feeds and tool paths that are extremely precise. This virtually eliminates technical uncertainty for customers interested in implementing in-machine deburring. According to our Application Engineer, Pete Hutchinson , "We can take the customer's part, and after getting an understanding of their equipment and how the part is held in the machine, we can custom tailor an in machine deburring solution. This allows us to recommend a product using feed rates, speed and a depth of interference that we've had proven success with in our lab. Most importantly, the customer gets to see how the component will consistently look after being processed.”

"We not only saved them money, but we also helped save their contract."

This free service has proven to be a valuable resource to Weiler customers. According to Hutchinson, "We recently worked with a machine shop that was off hand deburring a complicated part. They had a lot of variability with deburring and were frequently having to rework rejected parts. This was not only an added expense, but the delays were putting them in danger of losing the valuable contract. We were able to develop a proven, in machine solution that consistently and accurately deburred the part every time. We not only saved them money, but we also helped save their contract."

If you have a problem, contact a Weiler expert today at (888) 299-APPS or use our Application Assistance Form!