4 Inch Stringer Bead Wheel

Weiler’s Roughneck Max Stringer Bead wheels have been re-engineered to MAXimize life, efficiency, and consistency:
Increased Life – Improved knot design delivers up to twice the brush life, lowering total cost of use.
Unmatched Cleaning – Roughneck Max delivers 40% more cleaning power than the closest competitor. This means welds get cleaner, faster.
Trusted Consistency – Roughneck’s knot twist tolerance is second to none, delivering superior performance you can count on, every time. 
Effortless Operation – Roughneck Max requires 20% less sustained pressure to clean than competitive brushes. Allowing operators to stay fresh and focused while on the job.
Superior Wire – Our proprietary wire is stronger, sharper, and resistant to breaking during aggressive brushing.
Roughneck Max Cleans More, Faster

We pushed these brushes to their limits with a rigorous, aggressive test and the results speak for themselves.  The chart below shows total surface area cleaned in 60 minutes of work.

ROUGHNECK MAX STRINGER BEAD WHEELS deliver unmatched weld cleaning performance by maximizing life, efficiency and consistency. The 4" brushes are recommended for cleaning root pass welds, surface prep and other cleaning applications.



Roughneck Max Video:
Like you, we take pride in delivering our absolute best. That’s why we re-engineered the new Roughneck MAX stringer bead brush to deliver maximum impact, letting the wire do the work and delivering up to twice the life. Improved knot design maximizes cleaning to give you a brush you can trust when your name is on the line.