Safety Information

Safety Information


All of Weiler’s products are made to the strictest quality standards and specifications and are designed to provide superior work performance and safe operation when used properly. Warning: Failure to observe safety precautions may result in injury.

Many manufacturers mark some safety warnings, recommendations and usage restrictions directly on the product. However, it is not always practical to include even the most limited safety information on the product itself. Therefore, the operator MUST READ and FOLLOW all instructions supplied in or on the product container as well as those marked on the product. The operator should also refer to the safety and operating information printed in this catalog and other literature.

Safety Standards - Established by the American National Standards Institute

Weiler power brushes and abrasives conform to the ANSI standards listed below. All operators of power brushes and abrasives must comply with these safety standards.

  • ANSI B165.1 “Safety Requirements - Power Brushes"
  • ANSI B7.1 "Safety Requirements - For the Use, Care and Protection of Abrasive Wheels".


Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles: Safety goggles or full face shields worn over safety glasses with side shields must be worn by all operators and others in the area of brush AND ABRASIVE operations. Comply with the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 “Occupational Eye and Face Protection”.
Protective Clothing: Appropriate protective clothing must be used where there is a possibility of injury that can be prevented by such clothing.
Hearing Protection: Use of these products may create elevated sound levels. Hearing protection must be worn where required.
Safety Gloves: Grinding applications are conducted in harsh environments. The use of safety gloves is recommended.
Respiratory Protection: Wear respiratory protection against dust and fumes (see ANSI Z88.2).
Speeds: Observe all speed restrictions indicated on brushes, abrasives, containers, labels, or printed in pertinent literature. MSFS means Maximum Safe Free Speed (RPM) - spinning free with no work applied. For reasons of safety, MSFS or Maximum RPM should not be exceeded under any circumstances.
Tool Guards: Guards must be kept in place at all times when product is running.
Tool/Work Rest: On bench grinders, tool/work rests should be used to support the work-piece during use. It should have a maximum opening of 1/8" to the product face. Only adjust the rest when the product is not in motion.

Availability of ANSI Standards

Based on the collective experience of the American Brush Manufacturers Association Industrial Division members (ANSI B165.1) and the United Abrasives Manufacturers Association’s Bonded Division (ANSI B7.1) both ANSI Standards are referenced and provided solely as a public service for the guidance of the users of the members’ products. All Brush and Abrasive recommendations are not necessarily complete with respect to any particular application and common sense safety considerations should generally be followed. Any applicable federal, state, local law or regulation must be strictly adhered to and is controlling over any recommendation contained herein.

Before Starting Product:

Use eye protection and safety equipment. Inspect product for rust, damage, etc. If the RPM marked on the power tool is higher than the RPM marked on the product, do not mount the product onto the tool.

And Don’t Forget:

Inspect and jog the machine to ensure that the product is mounted properly and securely, machine guards are in place, no vibration, etc. Run machine at operating speed for at least one minute before applying work. Do not stand in front of or in line with product.