Social Responsibility

Weiler is Committed to Giving Back

At Weiler, our company values are the foundation that guides everything we do. Those values are Customer Focus, Passion, Integrity, Performance, and People. We believe that we are at our very best when we focus on others. Specifically, that includes our Co-Workers, our Customers, and especially our Community.

For more than 50 years we have been a philanthropic leader in the Pocono Mountains community. Our Charitable Giving Committee spearheads the company’s community involvement. Our main campaign, entitled “Move Together, Live United”, is a yearlong co-worker led campaign designed to promote wellness at Weiler and raise money for the United Way. Weiler has been working with the United Way for more than 15 years raising over $300,000 since we started. We expanded the scope of the campaign dramatically in 2014, enlisting dozens of volunteers across the company to coordinate monthly events to raise both donations as well as awareness for the local agencies that the United Way supports. Our Campaign culminates with our annual Field Day, where co-workers are given time out of their day to go out and enjoy a little friendly competition and support the United Way.

Weiler has been recognized for these contributions with a number of awards, most recently when Weiler and the Weiler Family Foundation received the Mattioli Philanthropy Award at the United Way of Monroe County’s Annual Meeting. In honor of Dr. Joseph and Dr. Rose Mattioli, the award recognizes an outstanding organization/business for their philanthropic work in “Uniting People and Improving Lives” through the United Way of Monroe County. This award is a clear testament to the impact that Weiler has had on the local community. United Way Mattioli AwardUnited Way Mattioli Award

Through its partnership with United Way, Weiler has helped support a wide variety of local agencies including the Pocono Alliance, Woman’s Resources and The Burnley Workshop. In addition, Weiler employees are engaged in local community programs such as Adopt-a-Highway, Habitat for Humanity, participation in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the JDRF Pocono Area Walk to cure diabetes. We are especially proud of our association with Burnley, which is located in Stroudsburg, PA. Established in 1964, Burnley empowers individuals with disabilities by helping them to achieve their full social, vocational and economic potential. Weiler's impact with Burnley has been significant, dating back to this March 8th, 1969 story in the Pocono Record Pocono Record Mar 1969 and continues to this day as chronicled with this recent story from the Pocono Record. Pocono Record Jan 2014.

At Weiler, we value our ties to the local community and work hard to be a good corporate citizen and neighbor by contributing to the growth of the local economy, supporting social services, and protecting our natural environment. We know that our success at Weiler wouldn’t be possible without supporting the communities where we live and work; that’s why we make giving back a priority.