Weiler Sustainability

Weiler is dedicated to sustainable business development.

We recognize the importance of protecting the environment through the use of recyclable materials, elimination of waste, and the efficient use of resources. We encourage the combined efforts of protection, conservation and recycling to safeguard our natural resources.

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, Weiler has implemented a variety of programs and initiatives.

Weiler Green Works

Heat Reclamation
Our air compressor rooms have reclamation systems for processing waste heat, which is used to help heat our buildings in the winter.
Reducing Energy Use
Throughout much of our facility, we have replaced existing lighting with high efficiency fluorescent lighting and motion sensors. In 2008, Weiler utilized a green design for the construction of a 21,000 sq. ft. office building addition that included a demand control ventilation system, Energy Star appliances, highly efficient motors in the mechanical HVAC equipment and exterior lighting fixtures controlled by a time clock or photocell.
Our co-workers are committed to our pledge to protect the environment. The Weiler team has been participating in the Adopt-a-Highway and Keep America Beautiful programs since 1991. A large portion of our 100 acres is a preserved natural habitat for plants and wildlife. Environmental landscaping features a man-made pond with re-oxygenating fountain, footbridge, waterfall, walking paths, and plants. Algae and weeds in our pond are controlled using aeration and grass carp, no chemicals. In the winter, we use organic antiskid material and only minimum ice melt. We have also upgraded our outside lighting to meet Dark Skies Lighting requirements (visual pollution).
Water Conservation
We utilize pressure-assist, low consumption toilets and water restrictors, and automatic sensor controls on faucets.
Weiler has been recycling since the early eighties. We currently recycle cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminum cans, oils, wood pallets, and all metals (including process scrap). Cardboard boxes and metal barrels are returned to our suppliers for reuse until they are no longer acceptable, then they are recycled. Fiber drums are recycled for reuse through our supplier.
Paper Products
Weiler purchases paper products made from recycled materials. Our printers are set to print double-sided to save paper. And we installed air-wave hand dryers that use up to 80% less energy than conventional hot air hand dryers. In addition, much of our literature is available on our website for download.