Weiler Training

Deploying our SPOT SAFETY TRAINING PROGRAM in your facility helps improve safety, regardless of your application or work environment.

Weiler products are designed and manufactured to the strictest standards to ensure the highest level of quality and safety. But safety doesn’t stop there; raising awareness of basic safety practices and thinking about safety before the job starts — and after the job is complete — can help curb accidents and injuries in the shop. That’s why Weiler offers customers a Safety Training Program based on the SPOT (Speed & Size, Pressure, Orientation, Time) methodology to help promote safe and proper product usage.
SPOT Safety Training Consists Of: 
       •     On-site Classroom Training
       •     Safety SPOT Video
       •     Proper Power Tool & Consumable Usage
       •     Safety SPOTer Rewards Program
       •     Certificate of Completion

             Download the SPOT Safety Flyer


SPOT Safety Video

This video is designed to promote the safe and proper use of abrasives and wire brushes.