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Tiger X flap disc raises the bar for those who areMade in USA driven to get the job done right and done fast.

TigerX Flap DiscTiger X delivers the ultimate productivity enhancing X-Factors so you can do more in less time while lowering your consumable costs.

Increased Productivity - The combination of aggressive grinding and long disc life deliver the ultimate X factor, a disc that gets more done in less time.

Lower Consumable Costs - The combination of extreme aggressive grinding and long disc life means you get more for your money.

Enhanced Worker Safety - Increased aggression lets professionals use less force to get equal or better results. This means less stress and reduced fatigue.

Greater Versatility - X3 technology allows for greater versatility, reducing the need to switch discs when changing applications.

Industry First X3 Technology

The Tiger X flap disc features a new X3 industry-exclusive technology that combines a triple split coat grain anchoring system, dual flap design and engineered abrasive cloth backing with intermixed ceramic alumina and zirconia alumina materials.  This unique combination delivers fast grinding AND long disc life for increasing productivity.

Industry First X3 Technology

Tested. Proven. Tiger X Works Faster, Longer

Tiger X Removes up to 40% more material.Get up to 40% more for your money

Test Procedure: Weiler Tiger X 4-1/2” Type 29 standard density flap disc vs. similar competing flap discs. Test grinder mounted at 15° angle against 1/2” workpiece with 15 pounds of pressure. Bi-directional 8” travel. Discs and workpiece weighed after 5 minutes of operation for life of product. Tiger X usable life: 100 minutes. Competitors’ usable life: 65 – 90 minutes.

Typical Applications: Weld Blending, Flat grinding, Heavy Stock Removal, deburring.

Tiger X Angled and Flat Style Flap Discs

Tiger X Angled Style Type 29

Tiger X Flat Style Type 27

Use our Cross Referance guide to convert to Tiger X.

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TIGER X VIDEO: Grinds Faster & Lasts Longer
The NEW Tiger X flap disc raises the bar for professionals who are driven to get the job done right - and done fast.
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Tiger X Resources

Tiger X Grinds Faster AND Lasts Longer for Increased Productivity.