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The Easiest Way to Identify Improvement Opportunities for Deburring:

Leverage the knowledge of over 150 years of combined expertise by partnering with the industry's leading application deburring engineers



No matter how good a process may be, every process or production line has a bottleneck. Although capacity may not be an issue today, every manufacturer hopes one day it will be. Alleviating bottlenecks before they become capacity-constraints is good long-range planning. 


Weiler Process Solutions program (WPS) is a comprehensive program designed to identify opportunities to make improvements that have will an immediate impact on your business. You explain your current situation and process, and let our experts take care of the rest.


WPS is Typically a Cost-Free, Comprehensive Program That Has the Capability to

  • Reduce cycle times
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Reduce consumable and tooling cost
  • Eliminate rejections and rework
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce WIP
  • Eliminate process variability


Resulting In:

  • Documented cost savings
  • Documented best practices


Weiler’s WPS program has an un-matched full range of support including internal lab and testing capabilities that cannot be offered by other companies.

Many times customers simply send us a part and we will develop a turn-key solution that can be used on existing equipment. We even deliver full manufacturing process instructions in a detailed engineering report. 

WPS is the Only Process Improvement Program With a Full Range of Support:

Excellent Application Engineering Teams

  • Areas of expertise include CNC controls, surface finish generation, process optimization, 6 Sigma, Lean Mfg, and more.
  • Follow a professional process documentation that is easy to understand and share 


World Class WPS Support Tools

  • Application engineering team - made up of industry experts with over 150 years combined experience
  • Deburring lab
  • Full in house machine shop
  • In house design team
  • Key OEM partnerships


Our Customers Have Confidence with Our Proven, Methodological Approach:

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